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The 40 Hour Junk Food Challenge

on August 12, 2013



So over the past 3 weeks I have over-consumed on chocolate and junk food and just been eating complete and utter crap… I have no idea why though – it isn’t like I over-indulge on junk food often I am normally quite good and semi healthy with what I do eat. The weekend just gone it has been worse than normal as my sister had her sweet 16th part and there is still lots of junk – lollies, snakes, chips and soft drink left over, so its hard to restrain myself from not eating junk. SO I have given myself a little challenge of the 40 hour junk food challenge…. 40 hours probably doesn’t seem like a long time but I’m aiming that if I can restrain myself for 40 hours then hopefully it will continue and I wont be consistently bingeing on junk food!! Starting at 4:30pm 12 August 2013! 


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